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U.S Secretary of State Anthony Blinken meets Egyptian President

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken returned to the Middle East this week as a proposed Israel-Hamas cease-fire deal hangs in the balance after the dramatic rescue of

Expelled MK Leader Appeals to Electoral Court for Reinstatement

The MK Party made a good showing these elections but internal squabbles still plague the party. Expelled leader Jabulani Khumalo is headed to the Electoral Court to be

Worldview: WHO pandemic treaty and the snap UK election

Huge development as countries fail to reach a deal on the new pandemic accord. This is a tremendous victory for freedom, The World Health Organization announced that they

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Connecting The Dots: WEF Davos 2022 Conference

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Church of Scotland approves same-sex marriage


British Bishop: ‘Russia is the last obstacle to

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Dutch politician speaks out against the great reset

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