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British Bishop: ‘Russia is the last obstacle to the One World Government’

On May 15th, 2022, a debatable Bishop by the name of Richard Williamson voiced out his support of the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. According to him, he called Russia “the last obstacle to one world government.”

Having a one world government is top priority for Globalists that will replace the sovereign nation state. Bishop Williamson continued to say the fight in Ukraine is not about crushing and destroying Ukraine and he recollected Putin voicing out the purpose of the special operation, which stated: the denazification, which is “the process of bringing the leaders of the National Socialist regime in Germany to justice and of purging all elements of Nazism from public life, carried out especially between 1945 and 1948,” and demilitarization of Ukraine. Williamson believes that “the next tricks of the criminals who rule the world will be artificially created famine and urges Europeans to stock up on food while it can still be bought.

Williams expressed that for many Americans, who were mostly Christians, their real religion is now politics, and many of them out of patriotism want to destroy Russia because Russia is the last obstacle to a United World Order.

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