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Francis: A Pope for the Gospel, for the environment or of the Global elite?

In times of war it is imperative that one differentiate between those who are for him and those who are against him. So many things have happened that cause one to ask whether the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church represents the interest of the people or those of global elites.

In that respect, it is worth taking a case study of his policies and stance on numerous issues pertaining to human affairs. Following the World Economic Forum’s Davos meeting, Pope Francis has turned the Vatican into a spokesperson for global governance.

Meanwhile, the policymakers of this very governance, since they are no longer willing to exploit the consumerist lust for happiness of the masses, but would now rather bet on coercion, have wrought a new marketing strategy.

They hide their old endless yearning for power behind a fresh storytelling: the need to part radically with individualistic, energy-intensive, neoliberal capitalism.

The global elite is accumulating all the goods it is still short of, confiscating civil liberties and concentrating all the power in its own hands, however this coup is being staged within a new narrative of being concerned about climate change and biodiversity, dedicated to the common good, hostile to selfish individualism, and negative when it comes to the free market.

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