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The political risks of mandating electric vehicles for everyone

The Political Risks

The War on the Freedom of Movement Continued

The centrality of the car in the social and economic structure of society is evidenced by how citizens have voted with their pocketbook. A car is the single most expensive product that 98% of consumers ever purchase.

Over 90% of households in a number of countries own or have access to a car. Average household spending on personal mobility is the second biggest expense after mortgage or rent. And there’s nothing to the trope that the rising generations will abandon automobiles.

A recent analysis even found that Millennials exhibit no difference in “preferences for vehicle ownership” and in fact drive more miles per year than Boomers. As for Gen Zs, the share of cars bought by that cohort has increased five-fold in the past five years. But, now politicians are planning to ban the right to purchase a car with an internal combustion engine, the kind of car that most people own.

The goal of the bans is deceptively said not to be about denying any citizen the ability to own or afford a useful car. In fact, they go on to state that the efforts at the ban are in service of the goal to cut carbon dioxide emissions by mandating the use of so-called zero-emission electric vehicles.

In fact, as they claim, the process of “transitioning” to EVs for everyone, everywhere, will be painless because EVs are inevitably taking over the entire automobile market because they are simpler, better, and easier to use, and “cleaner.”

These are all lies! And so today, let’s talk about the actual agenda behind EVs, which is a war on freedom of movement, especially unpacking the political risks of mandating people to use EVs. the war on the freedom of movement, instituted through the push for electric vehicles

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