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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declares 2024 the Year of Redemption

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declares

The 31st of December’s New Year’s Eve Global Service with the man of God, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc DSc DD started off with an amazing atmosphere of worship and prayer as billions across the world charged their spiritual antennas to receive the word of the new year.

The Future Africa Leaders Awards followed as several youth African leaders were commended for their remarkable works of service throughout various countries in Africa. Different prominent individuals such as Nigeria’s Former President, Malawi’s Former President and more gave speeches recognizing the foundation founded by the President of the Loveworld Nation that aims to empower young people across Africa.

Several hours into the service, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome began sharing the message of the year by the spirit of God. As he dissected the message of the year, he gave definitions of the word “Redemption” and emphasized on 4 specific points.


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