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The big business behind vaccines and medication

The big business behind

Malaria is said to claim almost half a million lives each year and Africa is supposedly the worst affected. In recent years, the mosquitoes that spread the disease have become increasingly resistant to insecticide.

A medicinal plant called Artemisia annua (or sweet wormwood) has been used in China to treat malaria for 2,000 years and is still grown by farmers in Africa. But it’s not approved by the World Health Organization and remains banned in a number of countries, including France.

You may ask yourself, if there’s a natural remedy than why ban it? If we have a natural remedy then the financial interest of Big Pharma making Malaria a business will drop.

A Brief History of Malaria

Malaria is caused by an infection with protozoan parasites belonging to the genus Plasmodium transmitted by female Anopheles species mosquitoes. The malaria parasites begins in 1880 with the discovery of the parasites in the blood of malaria patients by Alphonse Laveran.

The discovery that malaria parasites developed in the liver before entering the blood stream was made by Henry Shortt and Cyril Garnham in 1948 and the final stage in the life cycle, the presence of dormant stages in the liver, was conclusively demonstrated in 1982 by Wojciech Krotoski.

Malaria, was one of the worst killers of mankind until its etiology was figured out by scientists in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

The big business behind vaccines and medication

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