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EU plan to sabotage Hungary

EU plan to sabotage Hungary

According to a report in US media, the European Union is considering a plan to harm Hungary’s economy in order to pressure it to allow the transfer of EU funds to Ukraine.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been a consistent opponent of Western sanctions on Russia, and has vowed to block using EU funds to provide weapons to the Kiev regime.

After the EU earlier threatened to remove Hungary’s voting power – all votes in the EU must be unanimous, Slovakia defended Hungary, vowing to prevent any attempts to remove Budapest’s voting rights.

The turn of events has since led to an alleged plan by the EU to destroy the Hungarian economy, a plot that was leaked to the media and published on Sunday.

The focus of the drama is a €50 billion funding package intended to prop up the Kiev regime through 2027, and which Orban blocked. Over 100 of the European Parliament’s members signed onto a letter urging for pressure to be placed on Hungary.

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