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The Polish school system is being moved to the left

The Polish school system

Poland’s new education minister, the self-declared feminist, pacifist and LGBTQI activist Barbara Nowacka, in consultation with Prime Minister Tusk, has announced a comprehensive reform of the Polish school system, the essence of which has already come into force this year.

The program is shocking, albeit painfully familiar to a Western European and the goal, namely a massive left-wing reshaping of the youth in order to make any possibility of conservative parties returning to power impossible, is hard to miss.

The central lever is the abolition of graded homework, which will come into force for children under the age of 15 as early as April; the plan is to completely abolish graded homework for secondary school pupils in a few years’ time – and anyone who believes that ‘graded’ homework can be replaced by ‘voluntary’ homework has probably never set foot in a school in the last 30 years.

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