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Stakes are high as Biden vs Trump showdown looms

Stakes are high

US President Joe Biden faces a pivotal moment in his political career as he delivers the State of the Union speech on Thursday, aiming to convince skeptical voters that, at 81 years old, he is capable of defeating Donald Trump in the upcoming November election.

While the annual address to Congress is typically a ceremonial event, the stakes are exceptionally high in 2024. Biden, a Democrat, must address concerns about his age, the state of the US economy, and ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine.

Millions of Americans are expected to tune in to the prime time event not only to hear what the oldest president in US history has to say but also to assess his delivery. Republican Trump, aged 77, has consistently mocked Biden’s health and mental acuity.

Scheduled for 9:00 pm (0100 GMT Friday), the speech is anticipated to highlight accomplishments in infrastructure, drug prices, and student debt. Biden asserted on Wednesday that he has achieved more in three years than most presidents do in eight.

In a statement, Biden expressed, “You hired me to get the job done, build an economy that works for working people, and make life better for families.” He promised to provid

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