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In unpacking this not-so newfound hostility against food, let’s start with the dangerous intercession between farming and the climate change hoax. Consider rice as an example. Rice is known as a staple for half of the world’s population. However, how advocates of the climate change hoax depict it is that rice accounts for roughly 10% of global methane emissions, thus emphasising the urgent need to curtail its production. What they also fail to consider is that this has the devastating effect of causing the starvation of billions.


But, let’s continue to look to the Netherlands for further evidence. Dutch farmers, who are the backbone of a nation that is a leading exporter of meat and agricultural products, are being chased off their lands! And a staggering number of 3,000 farms are supposedly forecasted to be confiscated in the coming years. And the tragic fallout is evident, with a reported 20 to 30 farmers tragically ending their lives annually. In addition, European farmers are not strangers to these baffling decisions either. The European Commission greenlit a strategy to compensate livestock farmers for halting their operations in certain areas – with a stipulation that they never resume their animal breeding activities. Well, the implications of this strategy from the European Commission are clear and result in the same outcome as those we’ve discussed: which is a drop in global food availability and an inevitable spike in prices.


These examples expose the diabolical stance of some of the Western leaders on agriculture. This is to say that “The attack on farming by Western leaders is shockingly negligent and criminal.” This is especially considering that such views ignore the glaring fact that while agriculture may account for 33% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, it simultaneously sustains every single human being on this planet. But, equally criminal organisations like the World Economic Forum tout visions of a “farm-free future,” dreaming of a world where food is crafted in sterile labs and humans are herded into congested urban centres – all in an effort to place measures in place that enable them to control the human population. But, you see, while the Restrainer described for all in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 is here, being us the Church of Jesus Christ are in the world, they have imagined a vain thing!


But, just in case you thought the devastation of food supply and crop farming – and subsequently the economy were unfortunate and unintended ramifications of those pushing the climate change hoax – just have a listen to the co-founder of the company “GMO” Jeremy Grantham as he says the economy “is very secondary” to the challenges he sees facing the world, while he has pledged the bulk of his fortune to fighting the so-called climate crisis!

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