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Mass migration leads to demographic replacement

Mass migration leads

America’s lesson from Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus, whose population is approximately 1.2 million, is struggling with a significant mass migration crisis that is gradually leading to the demographic replacement of the island’s native population.

Since at least 2016, illegal Muslim migrants have flooded Cyprus via the north, which has been occupied illegally by the Turkish military since 1974. Cyprus now hosts the most refugees per capita within the European Union.

The Republic receives the highest number of asylum seekers relative to its population anywhere in the EU. Some 50,000 people reside illegally in the country. The migrant camps in Cyprus are already over capacity.

The impact of mass Muslim migration, with its demographic and crime-related consequences, is now observable throughout public life. The falling birth rates of Cypriot citizens make the problem of demographic replacement even more pressing.

According to a 2022 report in the Cypriot media “The government is understandably concerned about Cyprus’ birth rate, which has been falling every year since the 1983 peak of 2.41 per woman. According to UN data on World Population Prospects, this year it will stand at 1.3, a projected fall of 0.61 per cent on the previous year. At a discussion at the legislature last year, deputies expressed serious concern about 1.32 births per woman for 2019, but it is now even lower.”


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