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Morocco: Farmers’ livelihoods threatened amid less rainfall

Morocco: Farmers' livelihoods threatened amid less rainfall

Decreased rainfall coupled with increased damming and pumping upstream has significantly reduced the flow of water in Morocco’s Moulouya River, posing a grave threat to the livelihoods of farmers.

Once a vital source of life, the Moulouya River now stagnates, allowing seawater to intrude inland and transforming the once life-giving water into a toxic substance.

A farmer by the name Nadori, who manages an on-site chicken coop, was forced to import water after his cows, accustomed to drinking from the river, perished. Tragically, he was unaware that the water had become brackish, leading to the demise of his livestock.

The overuse of the river has exacerbated the situation, placing additional strain on groundwater reserves. Moroccan farmers, and those across the nearby Algerian border, are resorting to digging more wells to compensate for the diminishing water supply.

Farmersa acknowledges the dual factors of human activity and drought contributing to the crisis. He laments the lack of efficient water management practices, emphasizing the significant water wastage exacerbating the situation.

In summary, a combination of factors including human activity and natural phenomena has led to the depletion and contamination of the Moulouya River, posing severe challenges for farmers like Nadori and communities dependent on its waters.

Morocco: Farmers’ livelihoods threatened amid less rainfall

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