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US and Japan to strengthen military ties as they eye China

US and Japan to strengthen military ties as they eye China

Japan and the United States are engaging in discussions to enhance military cooperation amid escalating concerns over China’s growing threat.

According to Japan’s government spokesman Yoshimasa Hayashi, both nations are exploring avenues to bolster integration and collaboration in response to the evolving security landscape. This includes discussions on strengthening command and control capabilities to improve interoperability and readiness.

Reports indicate that the US military presence in Japan will undergo significant enhancements as part of Washington’s efforts to counter potential threats posed by China. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are expected to unveil a plan in April aimed at restructuring the US military command’s East Asia operations.

However, the specific agenda for the upcoming summit between Biden and Kishida has yet to be finalized, as clarified by Hayashi. He emphasized that decisions regarding the structure and functions of US Forces Japan remain pending.

Despite ongoing deliberations, both countries are eager to strengthen their alliance in response to perceived threats from China. The proposed enhancements are described as the most significant upgrade to the US-Japan security alliance since the signing of the mutual defense treaty in 1960.

As part of the plan, Washington is considering appointing a four-star commander to oversee its forces in Japan, mirroring the leadership of a potential Japanese Self-Defense Forces (SDF) headquarters responsible for coordinating the nation’s military operations.

Further details of the security plan are anticipated to be revealed during the Biden-Kishida meeting at the White House on April 10.

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