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17th Edition of Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

17th edition of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris.

At these trying times the church is yet set to offer prayers for the nations. The 17th edition of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris will take airwaves from Friday, March 29th through to Saturday, March 30th. The over 24-hour prayer marathon will be beamed live to a teeming global audience across all continents via all LoveWorld Networks, terrestrial TV stations, radio stations, and various internet platforms in different language translations.

From its inception, the GDOP has resulted in remarkable positive changes in the world. The faith-inspiring exhortations and fervent intercessory prayers have significantly hushed the diverse evil agendas against the nations by wicked forces.

Understanding that the war we are engaged in has several battlefronts, the man of God, Pastor Chris has continued to unravel the plans of the Devil and his cohorts, emphasizing the need to continue in fervent prayers. At the beginning of 2024, Pastor Chris exposed the evil agenda for the new world order underway with a projection to be fully hashed in 2025. The current global economic crises, and food shortages in Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world are all deliberately engineered to foster the agenda of the Deep State. To destroy their evil works, Pastor Chris has called on Christians all over the world to join him in prayer in the beckoning edition of the Global Day of Prayer.

It is our collective responsibility as Christians to pray and ensure God’s will is enacted in all nations. Don’t be left out; join the bandwagon of those aligning the nations with God’s perfect will. Through our prayer, the works of darkness would be exposed and the light of God’s Word will yet shine in all nations.

Tune in to any LoveWorld TV station at 6 pm GMT+1 on Friday, March 29th to participate live. You can also watch live via the

17th Edition of Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

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