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Let’s start with the suspects, because there are suspicious common denominators among the  four men that the IS said are members who carried out the attack. So, this is what is known concerning the suspects thus far:

(1) First is Dalerjon Mirzoev – who confessed to the crime. He is 32 years in age, and is an Illegal Immigrant from Tajikistan, who also has an overstayed work visa, and is father of 4 young children.

(2) The second person is Saidakrom Racha-balizoda – who is 28 years in age, is also allegedly born in Tajikistan, but lives in Moscow.

(3) The third person is Sham-siddin Fariduni – who is 24. He was born in Tajikistan, is a factory worker, and a father of an 8-month-old baby.

(4) Fourth is then Muhammadsobir Fayzov – who is a hairdresser, who was also wheeled in on a stretcher to court.

These men have all reportedly been charged under Russia’s “Terrorist Act” for their alleged involvement in the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack.

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