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US media treats the evidence free pronouncements of its government as accurate


First, the gunmen had later the same day of the attack been apprehended in Bryansk Region, “not far from the border with Ukraine,” according to Russian official statements. Amid an ongoing flurry of speculation over the circumstances surrounding the Crocus Hall attack, the question of the involvement of state actors or intelligence services has VALIDLY emerged, despite more videos being put out, which appear to tie the attackers to the Islamic State EXCLUSIVELY.

In addition, various theories continue to be advanced, also by mainstream pundits. Some have pointed out that there are many more questions than there are answers at this point, but a narrative from the lame stream media has already been quickly solidified – especially one that exclusively ties the attack to the IS.

Meanwhile, the Russian government has continued to question what intelligence concerning the planned attack that Washington may have had ahead of time. This is considering that in a March 7 emergency alert, the US Embassy in Moscow said it was “monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts.” The embassy further urged all US nationals in the country to remain vigilant and “monitor local media for updates.” The Kremlin has demanded answers and even raised the possibility of Western involvement, given also the current claims that the terrorists may have had a ‘Ukraine connection’.

Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov also said on Sunday that it was the United States which first destroyed anti-terrorism cooperation between the two countries. However, anonymous US intelligence officials who spoke to major US media outlets claim that Moscow was notified that a big terror act was going to happen.

But Antonov has said Russia did not receive any notifications or messages in advance.” And so, there is clearly more to whether this is an attack conducted exclusively by the IS, and whether the US actually provided intelligence that Russia could follow – despite the narrative conveniently and yet dangerously peddled by especially the lame stream media in the US. Frankly, this also seems like a means of distracting from the secondary embarrassment suffered by the US and NATO following the support Putin enjoyed in the recent presidential elections.

If they could use Nalavany’s life for a sinister agenda, they have shown a lack of value for life.And so, let’s consider that there are many narratives at play, and not exclude important details from scrutiny. Let us also keep praying for the nations of the world not forgetting to speak words of blessing on the nations of Russia and her people.

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