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The white house declaration of transgender day of visibility back fires


There are surely many factors behind this recent pattern, but more people around the world
should ponder one important fact with vast worldview significance. Pushing a Transgender Day of Visibility has backfired. It turns out that reality is a hard thing to ignore and that biology has a way of insisting on facts.

The more Americans see the reality of the transgender claims, the more they have to decide if they can play the game of delusion and denial. One central lesson of this phenomenon is that a strategy of delusion and denial -even when driven by sexual and gender revolutionaries certain of their inevitable victory – is not working. Or, to put it another way, the more the transgender movement insists on being visible, the more the truth is likely to show itself. Americans tend to be sympathetic to a delusion, but they are not buying into the idea that a transgender “man” is really a man or that a transgender “woman” is really a woman.

They may try to play along for a while, but biology trumps ideology and the very real damage done to human beings in the name of the transgender movement is increasingly undeniable. Some of this is due to the“detransitioning” movement’s brave honesty, but the loss of support seems mostly tied to the failure of the transgender ideology to win the battle of the eyes and the battle against reality.

The idea of forcing cultural acceptance and overcoming moral objections by demanding “visibility” is part of the social activism of the LGBTQ revolutionaries. Activists and their ideological friends at the intersection of ideology and political theory were certain that making LGBTQ identities more visible in society – on television, in popular culture, in schools, etc. – would lead to an inevitable acceptance of transgender identity claims.

It is notworking. President Biden may declare Transgender Day of Visibility, but he can not make that visibility work as intended. To put the matter bluntly, an increasing number of Americans realise that what they are being told is not true. You can declare war against anatomy and biology, but it is not going to end well. Different forms of cultural and legal coercion may be used to get people to deny what they see with their own eyes, but that is not a long-term strategy for success.

The White House can declare this past Sunday as Transgender Day of Visibility, but they can not make visibility work for them. You see – the worldview of the sexual revolution knows it must supplant its ideological enemy, Biblical
Christianity, to conquer all. But that will not happen as long as the church of Jesus Christ is here. Christians are bolder today about the truth more than progressives are about their lies. But do you see something here? There’s a worldview connection between progressivism’s obsession with gender ideology and the idea of resurrection.

Progressive ideology hinges on the belief that reality and human existence are endlessly malleable and moldable to human will. For the progressive, salvation is found in casting off the morality of traditional religion that imprisons and encumbers within oppressive shells. Liberation and re-birth are found in remaking and reinventing oneself according to one’s preferences.

Gender ideology relies on the fatal conceit that humans are blank canvases on which to construct their own purpose. Seen from this perspective, “Transgender Day of Visibility” is just the White House’s celebration of resurrection through desecration. Mutilate the body and it will arise anew – this their gospel according to their false prophets. Transgender Day of Visibility is secular man’s Easter.

This worldview is foreign from Biblical Christianity and the gospel, where human victory and freedom are not found by looking at your own works but recognizing that righteousness is a gift to be received and with it – all the abilities that enable you to live a victorious life in this world.

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