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Trump campaign attacks Biden over recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility

Trump campaign attacks Biden over recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility

“The White House spokesperson, Andrew Bates, emphasized President Biden’s commitment to unity and the preservation of every American’s dignity and freedoms, particularly as a Christian who cherishes Easter traditions with his family. Bates affirmed that the President would never exploit his faith for political gain or personal profit.

Bates’ remarks came amidst criticism from the campaign of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, along with support from religious conservatives, who condemned Biden for issuing the annual proclamation recognizing March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility, coinciding with Easter Sunday.

Despite objections from Republicans, President Biden proceeded with the proclamation on Friday, urging all Americans to support transgender individuals and combat gender-based violence and discrimination.

Critics accused Biden, a devout Catholic, of insensitivity to religion, especially as Easter holds significant importance for Christians. Trump’s campaign press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, demanded an apology from the Biden White House to the millions of Catholics and Christians in the country, insisting that Easter should be the sole focus of the day.

Republican figures like US House Speaker Mike Johnson condemned Biden’s declaration, labeling it as “outrageous and abhorrent,” arguing that it betrayed the essence of Easter.

Biden’s religious convictions are integral to his moral compass, having been shaped by his Catholic upbringing. However, his political stances supporting gay marriage and abortion rights have alienated many conservative Christians.

Amidst these controversies, Trump’s allies seized on Biden’s proclamation, coinciding with Trump’s impending criminal trial and other legal battles, including charges related to the 2020 election and allegations of business misconduct and sexual assault.

Despite being under a gag order regarding his trial, Trump took to social media to criticize the judge and faced ongoing legal challenges spanning from election disputes to financial matters and personal accusations.”

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