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DeSantis blasts Biden for denying trans visibility declaration on Easter: ‘Who’s running the presidency?’

DeSantis blasts Biden for denying trans visibility declaration on Easter: 'Who's running the presidency?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized President Biden for disavowing the declaration of March 31, coinciding with Easter Sunday this year, as “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

When questioned about the official proclamation from the White House, Biden denied involvement, prompting DeSantis to imply that the president’s denial raises doubts about the administration’s transparency.

“Wait a minute, he claimed that didn’t happen, he said he wasn’t involved,” DeSantis exclaimed during a public appearance at the Greater Miami Expressway Agency on Monday. “This begs the question of whether he’s being forthright with the public or if he genuinely wasn’t aware of what was happening.”

DeSantis further criticized President Biden and questioned who is truly leading the country. “Who is in charge of the presidency? Is it a group of ‘woke’ White House staffers in their twenties? I’m unsure of who is in control. Regardless, his failure to take responsibility – either way – is concerning,” DeSantis remarked.

Additionally, DeSantis discussed his Easter celebration with his family, emphasizing the significance of the sacred holiday. “Easter is the most important holiday on the Christian calendar. What Biden did, in my opinion, was absurd, but it raises important questions,” DeSantis added.

Responding to inquiries from Fox News Digital, a White House spokesperson downplayed the president’s remarks, stating that Biden did not personally select March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility. Since Biden’s inauguration in 2021, the White House has issued the same proclamation annually on March 31.

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