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Egyptian President Sisi sworn in for third term

Egyptian President Sisi sworn in for third term

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s President, officially began his third term in office on Tuesday, affirming his position as the leader of the most populous nation in the Arab world. Having held power for the past decade, the 69-year-old former army chief is slated to continue serving as president until 2030.

Addressing the parliament, Sisi expressed his dedication to the welfare of the nation, stating, “I will remain devoted to my duties, prioritizing the interests of our people and the nation.” Amid Egypt’s ongoing struggle with a severe economic downturn, which has been alleviated to some extent by substantial foreign loans and investments, he reiterated his commitment to fulfilling the Egyptian populace’s desire for a modern, democratic society.

Sisi’s reelection in December saw him secure an overwhelming 89.6 percent of the vote, competing against three relatively unknown opponents. However, his victory was marred by the sidelining or imprisonment of opposition candidates.

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