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U.S. District judge ordered the CDC in January to discloseV-Safe data


V-safe, the system implemented for monitoring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, was highlighted by the CDC as a key component of “the most rigorous safety monitoring initiative in U.S. history.” Despite assurances of the vaccines’ safety and efficacy, the CDC declined to release the V-safe data supporting these claims. It took two previous lawsuits, initiated by ICAN supporters, for ICAN to finally obtain a portion of the V-safe data containing checkbox responses, which can now be accessed through our v-safe dashboard. However, a crucial aspect of the V-safe data was absent: the free-text fields.

These fields allowed users to input up to 250 characters regarding any aspect they wished to discuss, such as additional symptoms or medical care details. The significance of the free-text data lies in the fact that the checkbox responses previously released to ICAN only captured minor and general reactions like “Chills,” “Headache,” “Fatigue,” and “Vomiting,” leaving no avenue for participants to report serious adverse reactions, including myocarditis, except through these free-text fields. This underscores the importance of this data in comprehensively understanding the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines and the subsequent actions taken by federal health authorities.

Finally, in January, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk mandated that the agency disclose the free-text entries from a different section of the survey where individuals could describe their experiences. This ruling came as a result of litigation brought by the Freedom Coalition of Doctors for Choice. Another lawsuit regarding V-safe data was initiated by the Informed Consent Action Network. Despite the government’s arguments that processing the responses and redacting sensitive information would be overly burdensome, the judge dismissed these claims.

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