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Senegal names new government in first test for Faye’s promised radical reforms

Senegal names new government in first test for Faye's promised radical reforms

In a surprising turn of events, Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko has revealed his newly formed government, comprising 25 ministers and 5 junior ministers, on Friday. President Bassirou Diomaye has given his approval to the cabinet list, marking a significant step in Senegal’s political landscape.

The performance of this council of ministers is anticipated both domestically and internationally. President Diomaye has pledged bold reforms, including the abandonment of the West African currency, the CFA Franc, and a comprehensive audit of Senegal’s oil and gas contracts with foreign entities.

Cheikh Diba, a seasoned bureaucrat who previously headed budget programming, assumes the role of finance minister, while Birame Souleye Diop, formerly the vice president of the now dissolved Pastef party led by Sonko and Faye, takes charge of the crucial oil and energy portfolio.

Yassine Fall, the vice-president of Pastef, assumes the mantle of minister of foreign affairs, a key position in Senegal’s diplomatic relations.

President Diomaye appointed Ousmane Sonko, his mentor and close ally, as prime minister shortly after his own inauguration on Tuesday, becoming Senegal’s fifth head of state.

Diomaye’s ascent to power was marked by his nomination as a candidate while incarcerated, riding a wave of public discontent against President Macky Sall, ultimately securing a resounding first-round victory with the backing of Sonko.

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