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Russia, China to talk about deeper security co-operation in Eurasia, Lavrov says

Russia, China to talk about deeper security co-operation in Eurasia, Lavrov says

In Beijing on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Russia and China have agreed to explore avenues for deepening security cooperation across Europe and Asia. Lavrov’s statement came after discussions with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi. The move aims to counter perceived efforts by the United States to exert influence in the region.

The partnership between China and Russia was solidified in February 2022 during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing, just prior to Russia’s deployment of tens of thousands of troops into Ukraine, igniting the deadliest land conflict in Europe since World War Two. Lavrov highlighted Putin’s proposal to bolster Eurasian security, leading to an agreement between China and Russia to initiate dialogue involving other like-minded parties.

Lavrov criticized existing Euro-Atlantic security frameworks, such as NATO and the OSCE, suggesting that they have become ineffective platforms for meaningful negotiations based on mutual interests. Wang emphasized the need for China and Russia to resist hegemony and bloc confrontation, cautioning against NATO expansion into their shared sphere of influence.

Following his meeting with Wang, Lavrov also met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, as reported by state media. The strategic alignment between Russia and China reflects a broader perspective that views the West as declining, while China challenges U.S. dominance across various domains, including technology, espionage, and military strength.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently expressed concerns about Chinese cooperation with Moscow during her visit to China, warning of potential repercussions for Chinese firms supporting Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Yellen also indicated the possibility of imposing tariffs on Chinese clean energy imports to safeguard U.S. industries.

In response, Wang emphasized the importance of Russia and China jointly opposing unilateralism and protectionism, advocating for collaboration to uphold international industry and supply chain stability.

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