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Turkey imposes trade restrictions on Israel over Gaza war

Turkey Imposes Trade Restrictions on Israel over Gaza War

The recent measures were introduced following Turkey’s claim that Israel obstructed its efforts to deliver aid to Gaza via air. The trade ministry announced on social media that these measures will persist until Israel declares an immediate ceasefire and allows uninterrupted humanitarian aid into Gaza. Attached was a list of 54 products subject to export restrictions.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan pledged retaliatory actions against Israel for preventing Turkey’s air force from dropping aid to Gaza. These measures, approved by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are said to be implemented gradually and without delay.

Erdogan reiterated Turkey’s support for Gaza, expressing solidarity until the bloodshed ceases and Palestinians achieve statehood with East Jerusalem as their capital. Israel’s foreign ministry accused Turkey of unilaterally violating trade agreements and vowed to take necessary actions in response.

Turkey, a staunch critic of Israel’s actions in Gaza, has been vocal in condemning what it deems as Israel’s disproportionate response to Hamas militants. Erdogan has labeled Israel a “terrorist state” and defended Hamas as a liberation group.

In response to domestic pressure, Turkey took action against Israel, following criticism for not severing trade ties sooner. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Istanbul faced violent detention by police, drawing condemnation from opposition parties.

The conflict in Gaza has strained Turkish-Israeli relations, leading to Ankara recalling its envoy and advocating for Israeli leaders to face trial at the International Criminal Court. Despite Erdogan’s vocal stance against Israel, his party faced electoral setbacks, losing control of several cities in the recent local elections.

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