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Tim Scott Condemns Deadly Iran-Backed Terror Attack

Tim Scott Condemns Deadly Iran-Backed Terror Attack

 U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.), Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Development and member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, condemned the anti-Israel resolution the Senate voted on this evening. 

“This resolution is an outrageous and shameful stunt that undermines our ally, Israel, and emboldens Iranian-backed terrorists, including Hamas,” said Senator Scott. “The Israeli people have been the victims of countless human rights abuses and unspeakable brutality at the hands of Hamas, and I choose to stand with our Jewish brothers and sisters – not terrorists.”

This resolution requires the State Department to deliver a report to Congress on whether Israel has violated human rights standards with U.S.-provided weapons and risks freezing aid to Israel by utilizing Section 502B(c) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. This provision has never been applied to any recipient of U.S. security assistance by vote on the Senate floor.

This unprecedented resolution against Israel comes on the heels of Iranian-backed terror groups’ continued targeting of U.S. troops and personnel in the Middle East.

Yet, despite Iran’s history of using sanctions relief to fund acts of terrorism targeted at the U.S. and its allies, President Biden and Democrats have released $6 Billionto Iran as part of a secret negotiation, given Iran access to $10 billion by extending an energy sanctions waiver and failed to develop a coherent strategy to deter Iranian aggression.

In stark contrast, Senator Scott has continued to stand by Israel, especially in light of Iranian-backed Hamas’s October 7th attack, and push back against Iran and its proxies.


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