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Could democracy be considered another name for “mob rule”?

Could democracy be considered another name for "mob rule"?

Without World War II we would never have arrived at the political state of the world that we are in now. World War II has been thoroughly examined for the cause and the events that took place. But, the TRUE motivation behind the recovery plan and the political environment at that time is much less well-known to most people. In the aftermath of the War, the politics of the Western World changed from a Colonial Model to a Neo-Liberal Capitalistic Model by mandate. This meant the powerful Countries of the world can no longer conquer foreign lands by force, and Sovereign Nations would choose their desired form of Governance and Political Leaders by vote.

The CIA and the Marshall plan, which was designed by Secretary of State George Marshall (not Congress), went hand-in-hand to overturn governments and control the world. They funded Radio Free <Europe, Asia, etc.> companies to control the narratives, and established CIA Stations in each area. The state department, the DOD and the CIA all worked together to put a face of diplomacy on covert operations. They wrote the manual for Color Revolutions, and it has been used repeatedly for decades around the world. This was new to the world in the 1950’s due to the recent advancements in technology, so it was not obvious what was really happening. Even to this day, people do not want to accept the level of covert corruption that happens right in front of us.

The Neo liberal capitalist system came out of World War II. The U.S. had ramped domestic production to extreme levels during the War, and it needed to find a way to export our capacity around the world to generate massive profits. This new Capitalist system fears two things:

1) Right/Left-Wing Nationalists (Populists), which will resist global trade and focus internally to make their own lives better, ahead of the Global Community.

2) Left-Wing Communism, where the State owns all the resources in the country so foreign governments can’t steal them through business deals. The solution for the Populist case is to declare these groups “Domestic Terrorists” and label them as an existential threat to our Democracy. Then use Institutional Media (which has been influenced by the Intelligence Agencies since the 1940’s) to relentlessly repeat a supporting narrative. Over time the credibility of these Populist Groups are degraded in the court of public opinion. At this point, the members of these groups can be publicly shamed, arrested, prosecuted, bankrupted, or outright killed, and the Country would see it as a solved problem.

Historical examples include McCarthyism’s attack on the left-wing Populists in the 1950’s; the assassination of MLK Jr. to end the rise of his Populist movement; the assassination of Malcom X to end the rise of his Populist movement; and most recently, the arrest and prosecution of the leaders in the MAGA Populist movement and continuous political, financial, and legal prosecution against Trump, who is now labeled a future Dictator if elected.

The solution for the Communist case is to overthrow the “Dictatorship” Government in a given Country and put somebody who represents “Democracy” in power. Gene Sharp, from the Einstein Institute in Massachusetts, is credited for creating the CIA’s definitive guide to effectuate a Color Revolution, and the process was used to overthrow over 100 Regimes between 1947 and 2016. The plan included having the new “Democratic” Government privatize industries and allow Our Country to take control of the previously State-owned resources for huge profits.

This model of “Democracy” is called “Institutional Democracy.” It is a type of Democracy where the Institutions vote on policy, not the people. They know what is “best for the Country.”

Why did Hillary spend over $1.2 Billion in her campaign for the Presidency? Because the President appoints the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Director of the CIA. These (3) positions control the organizations that form the core of The Blob (it is noteworthy to point out that these are unelected individuals controlling World Events via our Government). Trillions of dollars in Global Capital is at risk if the wrong people are appointed. You can look back over the past 40+ years, and you will see the same people rotating through these positions, and in some cases, generations are represented. THIS IS THE “DEMOCRACY” that could end if Trump is re-elected. INSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY.

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