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Secret financial intelligence audit into battle against M23


A clandestine financial investigation into the Congolese government’s campaign against the M23 rebels has uncovered substantial corruption and misappropriation of public funds to sustain an ineffective conflict. Africa Intelligence, a platform specializing in African political and economic affairs, reports that millions of dollars were diverted to private military firms and arms dealers. This revelation follows a UN report from December 2023, revealing the government’s attempt to recruit 2,500 mercenaries from Latin America to combat the M23 in North Kivu Province.

Under the leadership of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater and current head of Frontier Resources Group, the initiative to deploy mercenaries from Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina was revived in mid-2023. Additionally, Africa Intelligence discloses that the Congolese financial intelligence unit, CENAREF, initiated investigations into companies contracted by President Félix Tshisekedi’s administration for military purposes. These inquiries, prompted by foreign intelligence concerning Osiris Global Trade, revealed links to arms brokers and irregularities in military contracts.

Furthermore, the audit scrutinized firms involved in procuring Chinese CH-4 attack drones, intended to shift the tide against the M23. Despite these revelations, no punitive actions have been taken. Internal tensions between finance minister Nicolas Kazadi and military officials, exacerbated by suspicions of financial interference, complicate the situation.

The ongoing conflict in eastern DR Congo, where the M23 operates, stems from governance challenges in Kinshasa and the proliferation of genocidal ideologies propagated by groups like the FDLR. This militia, comprised of Rwandan genocide perpetrators, seeks to destabilize Rwanda and persecutes Congolese Tutsis. The M23, alleged to be supported by Rwanda, contends against the oppression of the Congolese Tutsi community.

Analysts highlight the region’s complex dynamics, involving over 150 armed groups and the persistent threat of genocide. Former South African President Thabo Mbeki advocates for the implementation of the Sun City Agreement to disarm genocidal forces, fostering a political resolution to the instability in eastern DR Congo.

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