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World Council of Credit Unions Adds Moldova to List of Member Nations

World Council of Credit Unions Adds Moldova to List of Member Nations

In the dawn of 2024, the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) warmly embraces two new member organizations, heralding a new chapter in its global network. Moldova’s Central National Association of Savings and Credit Associations (CNASCA) joins as a direct member, while the Cresol Confederation from Brazil becomes an associate member, marking significant milestones in WOCCU’s expanding community.

CNASCA emerges as a result of the merger of two central organizations in 2019, one of which was formerly affiliated with WOCCU. Now representing all 220 savings and credit associations in Moldova, serving over 138,000 members across the European landscape, CNASCA renews its alliance with WOCCU. Efim Lupanciuc, CNASCA’s Executive Director, envisions this renewed collaboration as a gateway to new horizons, fostering cooperative ties with counterparts worldwide and advocating for the interests of credit unions on a global stage.

As a direct member, CNASCA gains voting rights at WOCCU’s Annual General Meeting and can nominate representatives to the WOCCU Board of Directors, further amplifying its influence within the global credit union community.

Meanwhile, the Cresol Confederation, boasting a collective of 60 credit unions and three central credit unions, brings its rich legacy and extensive reach to WOCCU as the third member from Brazil. With over 900,000 members and assets exceeding $4.6 billion, Cresol solidifies Brazil’s footprint in the global cooperative movement.

Cresol’s Chairman, Cledir Assisio Magri, celebrates this union as the realization of a longstanding aspiration, emphasizing the importance of shared cooperation amidst global solidarity.

Thomas Belekevich, WOCCU’s Director of Member Services, expresses enthusiasm over the burgeoning membership, highlighting the invaluable perspectives and solutions that each new member brings to the collective table. From advocating for conducive regulatory environments in Moldova to leveraging Brazil’s successful cooperative finance model, WOCCU continues its mission to empower communities worldwide through accessible and sustainable financial services.

As WOCCU’s global family expands, the shared vision of fostering financial inclusion and empowerment resonates more profoundly, reaffirming the organization’s commitment to catalyzing positive change across borders and communities.

For those curious about WOCCU’s membership and its transformative impact globally, a comprehensive list of members and further information on membership applications can be found on their website.

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