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The War on Christianity: Diabolical Efforts to Erase the Influence and Impact of Christianity

The War on Christianity: Diabolical Efforts to Erase the Influence and Impact of Christianity

It is apparent to all that there is a war on Christian values. This war is not limited to mere anti-Christian attitudes from individuals belonging to the religions of the world, rather it has become an institutionalised concern that manifests itself in different facets of society, be it the media, academia, intelligence organisations or even cultural inclinations in society.

What started as minor changes of regressions have become exposed for the broader and systematised efforts that they are at undermining and vilifying the Christianity. And so today, let’s talk about the war on Christianity, looking at diabolical efforts aimed at erasing the influence and impact of Christianity.


You would have noticed a number of cultural changes that reflected anti-Christian values across different societies. For instance, prayer has progressive;y been removed in schools in a number of countries. In the so-called bastions of democracy, like the US, the politically correct insisted on the removal of nativity scenes in town squares and the removal of the Ten Commandment monuments in courthouses.

However, what we are seeing today is that, beyond doubt, these actions were prophetic and consistent with what the Scriptures warn about with respect to the persecution of Christians, especially in light of what the Master tells us in John 15:18-20.

Over the past few years, this cultural downgrade has been captured on social media in different representations. For instance, in the US, there was a picture shared of three buildings along the Lower Manhattan skyline on Good Friday in 1956. Each building features lighted-up office windows in the shape of a cross, depicting the crucifixion of Jesus and the two thieves.

Measuring 150 feet tall, these crosses were “sent over the wire by the media at the time and appeared in newspapers around the United States—often frontpage centre. However, this is a far cry from what you will likely observe in NYC today. Now, instead of seeing purely Christian symbols and themes, NYC skyscrapers light up in the colours of the LGBT flag and other emblems of our 21st-century public morality.

However, this unacceptable cultural and moral reorientation becomes very apparent when considering how Easter is treated today. When Easter isn’t being sidelined altogether, it’s being used as a prop to support the latest regime propaganda that strikes at the heart of Christianity.

For instance, you would be aware that the Biden administration issued a short statement on Easter Sunday that was overshadowed by a lengthy proclamation that declared March 31 a “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Now, Biden’s proclamation apparently affirms “the most fundamental freedom” of trans people “to be their true selves” against “extremists” who “are proposing hundreds of hateful laws that target and terrify transgender kids and their families.” Such supposedly horrific laws include “silencing teachers; banning books; and even threatening parents, doctors, and nurses with prison for helping parents get care for their children.” But, contrary to Biden’s assertions, all these types of laws are ones that Christians should unequivocally support in principle.

Students need to be protected from reading books filled with filth in public schools and from doctors and hospital systems that indoctrinate them to think they should opt for what is actually mutilation. But, this engineering of a cultural and moral shift from Christianity has persisted, aided especially by cancel culture because Christian values became incongruent with the demands of present society, and thus were deemed necessary to cancel. But, cancel culture itself has quite concerning ramifications.

The War on Christianity: Diabolical Efforts to Erase the Influence and Impact of Christianity

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