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Exposing the lies with Yvonne Katsande and John Mappin

Exposing the lies

Human beings are compelled to live within a lie, but they can be compelled to do so only because they are infact capable of living in this way. Therefore not only does the system alienate humanity, but at the same time alienated humanity supports this system as its own involuntary masterplan, as a degenerate image of its own degeneration, as a record of people’s own failure as individuals.

And the lie has infact led many so far away from a normal society that one cannot even orient themself any longer. It’s alarming the rate at which people now are so easily accepting to these lies. The lies of Big Pharma, the lies of W.H.O, the lies of politicians and even the lies of the deep church

Yvonne Katsande interviews John Mappin, a Geopolitical Commentator, Media Group Owner, Businessman who has been vocal about the deep state agenda in pushing a new world order especially on the killer shots, the mRNA vaccines. Watch this:

Exposing the lies with Yvonne Katsande and John Mappin

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