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Global Citizen NOW urges investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Global Citizen NOW urges investment in Sub-Saharan Africa

This year’s Global Citizen NOW conference placed a significant focus on the imperative of making long-term investments in Africa’s burgeoning youth population and supporting young changemakers worldwide.

The conference, dedicated to mobilizing resources to combat poverty, emphasized the pivotal role of political, business, and philanthropic leaders in championing education and healthcare in the least-developed nations.

Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans highlighted the urgency of tackling these issues, particularly amidst the current turbulent international landscape. Key appeals during the conference included calls for up to $6 billion for economic development in Africa and $600 million for a United Nations-led initiative supporting education during emergencies.

Evans stressed the importance of providing tangible, actionable steps for citizens to make a positive impact in the world, especially amid rising polarization and feelings of hopelessness. He spoke to The Associated Press during the conference in New York.

To advance its objectives, the conference enlisted the support of prominent figures such as Hugh Jackman, Michelle Yeoh, and Anitta. Additionally, Doug Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, made a surprise appearance to discuss the significance of men’s involvement in combating sexism and advocating for reproductive rights.

Danai Gurira, renowned for her roles in “The Walking Dead” and “Black Panther,” underscored the necessity for African nations to pursue self-determination and control over their resources, challenging the narrative of continued dependency on Western aid.

Osi Umenyiora, a former NFL player, highlighted Africa’s athletic potential and discussed initiatives to nurture talent in the region, including NFL academies.

The conference also unveiled plans for an economic summit in Ivory Coast, aiming to bolster foreign aid to Sub-Saharan Africa to address infrastructure and energy access challenges.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven advocated for development assistance as a mutually beneficial investment, emphasizing the importance of leveraging global resources to tackle pressing issues.

Efforts to engage Generation Z were spotlighted, including initiatives to boost youth voter registration and online involvement in topics like environmental conservation.

Actor Jordan Fisher discussed the potential of gaming platforms to raise awareness and funds for social causes, emphasizing their authenticity and ability to reach diverse audiences.

Overall, the conference sounded a call to action for global leaders to invest in Africa’s youth and confront pressing global challenges through collective action and engagement.

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