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Bioengineered Food: A Ramification of the Climate Change Hoax

Bioengineered Food: A Ramification of the Climate Change Hoax

An important fact to familiarise oneself with is that the proponents of the climate change hoax did not only begin their work in the present or even the recent past. Their push for measures such as a cut on carbon emissions, or push for the consumption of lab grown foods or genetically modified foods, while paying farmers to destroy their crops, along with other restrictive measures, all have an extensive history.

Therefore, what we are seeing today are manifestations of plans that have long been in motion; which I believe also explains the audacity at which these plans are being promulgated and pushed today. Secondly, it is also worth noting that the climate change hoax is manifesting in different forms, and one of the most notable today, is that in relation to food consumption.

For instance, an unearthed video of the College of Global Public Health Center for Bioethics at New York University, showed a director Dr. Matthew Liao was speaking at the 2016 World Science Festival, and he openly advocated for artificially inducing a red meat allergy in the entire human population, using an analog of the algha-gal molecule found in the Lone Star Tick, APPARENTLY so as to fight “climate change.” He claims, (and I quote directly here) that “People eat too much meat. And if they were to cut down on their consumption of meat, then it would actually really help the planet.” This slippery slope-like reasoning that ties a threat to the climate with a necessary ingredient in the human diet is not accidental.

Not only was it long planned (especially seeing how tests on human embryos were already underway, while Dr Liao was making his speech in 2016), but the push for bioengineered food is clearly a ramification of the climate change hoax. And so today, let’s discuss this relationship between bioengineered food and the climate change hoax.

This level of evil – of openly plotting to trigger autoimmune disease in humans without their consent at the population level – is nearly unspeakable and frankly ridiculous, especially considering that at the same forum, Dr Mathew Liao advocated “editing” humans to become “so small that we get eaten by cats,” again for the sake of “climate change.” In any case, this reveals the utter lack of morality or human concern in their pursuits.

In fact it seems intrinsic to advocates of the climate change hoax to think that people and their best interests are a necessary casualty in all their plans. Therefore, the notion of triggering an autoimmune disease in humans without their consent or even genetically editing them to become incredibly small are not different in principle and objective to their other pursuits.

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