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World’s record-breaking temperature streak extends through April

The world just experienced its hottest April on record,

According to the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), April has just been declared the hottest on record, continuing an unprecedented streak of 11 consecutive months where each month has broken temperature records. This remarkable trend dates back to June 2023.

The global average temperature for the past 12 months, including April, has reached an alarming high, surpassing previous records by 1.61 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial period of 1850-1900.

The surge in extremes, such as record-breaking sea surface temperatures, has prompted scientists to investigate whether human activities have catalyzed a tipping point in the climate system. Julien Nicolas, Senior Climate Scientist at C3S, noted that many researchers are exploring the possibility of a significant shift in the climate system.

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