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South Sudan mediation talks launched in Kenya with a hope of ending conflict

Kenya hosts South Sudan peace talks joined by African leaders

High-level mediation discussions regarding South Sudan commenced on Thursday in Kenya, with African leaders urging an end to a conflict that has severely hampered the country’s economy over the years.

President Salva Kiir of South Sudan expressed gratitude to his Kenyan counterpart, William Ruto, for hosting the talks. He affirmed his government’s commitment to engaging in negotiations with sincerity and an open mindset.

“We trust that the opposition factions share a similar determination and aspiration for peace in South Sudan. Its attainment will not only bring enduring stability and economic growth to South Sudan but also to the entire region,” President Kiir stated.

The negotiations involve the government and rebel opposition factions not included in the 2018 agreement that concluded a five-year civil war, resulting in the loss of 400,000 lives.

President Ruto reiterated on Thursday the necessity of inclusive, locally-driven solutions to address African challenges.

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