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World Court orders Israel to halt assault on Gaza’s Rafah

In a significant emergency ruling, judges at the top United Nations court directed Israel on Friday to cease its military operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. The ruling came in response to South Africa’s case accusing Israel of genocide.

Although the International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, lacks enforcement mechanisms, the case highlights Israel’s increasing international isolation regarding its actions in Gaza. This isolation has become particularly evident since the commencement of its offensive in Rafah this month, despite objections from its closest ally, the United States.

Reading out the ruling, World Court president Nawaf Salam emphasized that the situation in the Palestinian enclave had significantly worsened since the court’s previous order for Israel to take measures to ameliorate it. Salam stated that conditions had warranted a new emergency order.

“The state of Israel shall immediately cease its military offensive, as well as any other activities in the Rafah governorate, that could result in the Palestinian population in Gaza facing conditions that might lead to their physical destruction, whether in whole or in part,” he declared.

World Court orders Israel to halt assault on Gaza’s Rafah

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