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Cosmo City: Voting Updates and Community Hopes

Cosmo City: Voting Updates and Community Hopes

Our LN24 International News reporter, Shekinah Daudhzi, was on the ground in Cosmo City, Ext 4, Ward 100, where she spoke with Voting Station Officer Stanley Tiriso Moho. He reported a seamless voting process, with lines moving swiftly and efficiently.

When asked about the atmosphere, Stanley commented, “Everything is going smoothly. Voters are enthusiastic, and the queues are moving quickly. We’re pleased with the turnout so far.”

Shekinah also spoke with several voters, who shared their hopes for the new government. One voter expressed, “We need better healthcare facilities and more schools in our area. We travel far for medical attention, and our children deserve quality education.”

Another voter emphasized, “Job creation and economic growth are crucial for our community. We want a government that will prioritize our needs and create opportunities for us.”

As the voting continues, the community remains optimistic, eager to see their voices heard and their concerns addressed by the incoming government.”

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