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Worldview: WHO pandemic treaty and the snap UK election


Huge development as countries fail to reach a deal on the new pandemic accord. This is a tremendous victory for freedom, The World Health Organization announced that they have failed to get the draconian pandemic treaty passed. An attempt by the unelected globalist elite to circumvent the sovereignty of independent nations and force lockdowns.

Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer kicked off their election campaigns, six weeks before the country goes to the polls. In a high-stakes gamble, Sunak called a surprise general election for 4 July, when Starmer will try to win power for Labour after 14 years of Conservative-led government. Addressing the nation outside Downing Street, Sunak said it was “the moment for Britain to choose its future”, claiming the Tories could be trusted to lead the country during a time of global instability.

In a discussion of these events, LN24 International’s Yvonne Katsande interviewed Mr. Andrew Bridgen a British politician who has served as Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom. Watch this.

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