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Election Season: Wanda Sigagayi Takes to the Streets of Pretoria

Election Season: Wanda Sigagayi Takes to the Streets of Pretoria

As South Africa navigates the crucial season of elections, LN24 International’s Wanda Sigagaya hit the streets of Pretoria to gauge the pulse of the nation. She engaged with citizens, seeking their thoughts on the electoral process and whether they believe the elections were free and fair.

Wanda spoke with a diverse group of citizens, each sharing their unique perspectives and concerns. Some expressed confidence in the democratic process, while others raised concerns about potential irregularities and the need for transparency.

“I believe the elections were largely free and fair, but there’s always room for improvement,” said one citizen.

“However, Wanda also encountered a concerning trend – a significant number of citizens who chose not to vote, citing a sense of disillusionment and hopelessness. ‘I didn’t vote because I don’t think it’ll make a difference,’ said one citizen. ‘The system is broken, and my vote won’t change anything.’ This sentiment was echoed by many others, highlighting a deeper issue of voter apathy and disillusionment. The question remains – how can the government and political leaders re-engage with these citizens and restore their faith in the democratic process?”

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