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#South Africa

New South African era dawns as ANC forced into coalition

  • The ANC, once led by Nelson Mandela, hit by worst election result since apartheid ended 30 years ago
  • It is now official that the party has lost its majority in the National Assembly for the first time
  • The distribution of seats in the 400-member parliament directly reflects the vote share
  • In his first comments, President Cyril Ramaphosa says ‘our people have spoken whether we like it or not’
  • With an eye on coalition talks he adds that the voters want the parties to find common ground
  • The centre-right Democratic Alliance (DA) remains the second-largest party in parliament
  • The new MK party, led by ex-President Jacob Zuma, is in third place. It has refused to work with President Ramaphosa
  • The DA leader makes a pitch to work with the ANC, calling an ANC alliance with the MK and EFF a ‘doomsday coalition’
  • The MK party had wanted the announcement postponed
  • The country’s police minister has warned that instability will not be tolerated

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