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The German government is softening its child pornography laws

The German government is softening its child pornography laws

As alluded to, the German parliament voted to decriminalize the possession of child pornography. German officials claim that the new law is meant to address inconsistencies in previous child pornography laws which are sometimes applied to people who “receive images or videos through email or social media without their permission.”  They also cited instances where two minors traded images and were charged with creation or possession of child pornography. HOWEVER, Critics of the bill argue that the German government could have EASILY made legal adjustments for those specific exceptions to avoid innocent people being wrongly imprisoned.  Instead, they are trying to institute sweeping changes that reclassify the crime and even give greater legal protections to an array of child predators. The new law does not make exceptions for adult offenders.


Now, according to the Bundestag (which is Parliament), the bill stipulates that “possession and acquisition should be punishable with a minimum penalty of three months’ imprisonment, and distribution with a minimum penalty of six months’ imprisonment, and distribution with a minimum penalty of six months’ imprisonment. The offences regulated in Section 184b of the Criminal Code are therefore classified as MISDEMEANOURS and not as crimes”! BUT, this, unfortunately, also does not come as a surprise because the criminal classification for possession of sexual materials related to minors has shifted a number of times in Germany, with felony status applied most recently in 2021. But what this means in light of today’s discussion, is that the German government decided after only three years (since 2021) that punishing paedophiles with longer prison sentences was apparently not fair.


But, when looking at the passing of the bill, and the objections expressed earlier, it appears that the German government had an audience in mind when passing this bill, and spoiler alert it is not the children at risk. The audience in question became especially clear when the passing of this bill had already been celebrated by a German pro-paedophile (quote-unquote) “activist” group known as Krumme-13, or simply K13. The activist group has been described as a “self-help” organisation for “pedosexuals.”  In a blog post written by its founder and dated May 17, K13 laments that “no politician in all factions apologized to the thousands upon thousands of those affected who fell victim” to the 2021 law which had made possession of child sexual abuse materials a felony.” – This sounds inconceivable and utterly insane; that someone would feel entitled to possession of child pornography, so much so as to demand an apology for laws that criminalised the possession of such material?!

But you’d recall that we mentioned that many paedophiles were being emboldened in today’s society – they are recognising that in a world that has constructed a victim economy, if they also claim to be oppressed they can use that as currency to change laws in their favour. In fact, you’d remember this professor who tried to do just that: claim that paedophiles needed to be referred to in more politically correct terms.

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