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The War on the Innocence of Children Through Legislation

The War on the Innocence of Children Through Legislation

There is a notable pattern in the status quo. First there was the introduction of gender fluid and LGBT ideology into public schools, then there were sexualized drag queen performances for children, then leftist activists demanded that pedophiles be referred to as “MAPS” (also known as Minor Attracted Persons) because “they can’t help who they are attracted to,” then California passed a law reducing charges for adults engaged in sexual relations with minors.  Now, the German Parliament has forwarded a bill that makes possession and distribution of child pornography a misdemeanor instead of a felony, greatly diminishing possible penalties.

What began as the entrenchment of the LGBT agenda and doctrine in schools against the protests of parents who were vilified for opposing these efforts, have become laws and societal norms in certain places or nations. However, this pattern is not a surprise: it is disingenuous to think that the introduction of hypersexual content to children in schools (for ages as young as 5 in some countries) would not progress to lesser and lesser protections for those same children against adults who would desire to take advantage of them. And so, today, let’s talk about the war on the innocence of children, that is especially being waged through legislation in the status quo.

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