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Cele Assures Handling of Threats to South Africa’s Stability by Police

Cele Assures Handling of Threats to South Africa's Stability by Police

Police minister Bheki Cele says there is no room for threats of instability to register objections or concerns about the electoral process.

Cele was briefing the media in Hatfield on Sunday afternoon amid threats of violence should the Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) announce the final results from the polls held last week.The IEC is set to make the announcement on Sunday evening.

Cele said law enforcement agencies were ready to maintain peace and stability as they have done throughout the election period.

“Any attempt to undermine the authority of the state and SA’s constitutional order will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly,” said Cele.

He said the constitution provided the mandate to manage elections to the IEC.

“Therefore the decision to declare the results rests solely with the IEC, in accordance with the law. As such, there cannot be any room for threats of instability to register objections or concerns about the electoral process,” said Cele.

The IEC received more than 500 objections. Many political parties are calling for a recount.

“The Natjoints have confirmed to the security cluster ministers their readiness to ensure the continued peaceful environment post the election results declaration.

“We are satisfied with how law enforcement agencies prevented and responded to incidents that would have otherwise tarnished the seventh general elections in the country. The Natjoints have further briefed the ministers of the security cluster on their preparedness to assure the safety and security of the country in the post-election phase,” said Cele.

National police commissioner Gen Fannie Masemola said between May 27 and May 29, 130 cases were registered.

On the first day of special votes, police had 26 cases and made 24 arrests. On May 28, 17 cases were registered and nine arrests were made. On May 29, there were 87 cases registered and 57 arrests were made.

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