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The Militarisation of the Medical Industry

The Militarisation of the Medical Industry

In President Eisenhower’s farewell speech of January 17, 1961, he stated that “…in the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.” Sixty-three years on, many, especially in America, understand what he was referring to. They see the endless cycle of undeclared wars and decades-long foreign occupations that are undertaken on nebulous or even outright false pretences. They see the ever-hungry mega-industry that produces super-expensive, high-tech killing devices of every imaginable form, as well as the steady stream of traumatised soldiers that it spits out. War, to some, has become big business! And as Eisenhower warned, as long as those profiting from it drive the policy and the money stream, it will not only continue, it will continue to grow.

But, other mega-industries – the medical industry in particular – have generally fared better in public perception than the military-industrial complex. At least that was until the covid pandemic, but not forsaking a number of prior controversies. But, among its many lessons, the Covid plandemic era has taught us this: if you substitute Pfizer and Moderna for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and swap the NIH and CDC for the Pentagon, you essentially get the same result. This is to say that not only is the “medical-industrial complex” every bit as real as its military-industrial counterpart, but, it is also every bit as real a problem.


Unfortunately, until the Covid pandemic, many in the medical industry possessed only an inkling that the medical industry was being militarised – or more accurately, many knew it, but didn’t realise how severe the problem was. However, during this time a number of issues were already apparent. For instance, many in the medical industry knew for decades that Big Pharma engaged in dishonest practices, but this seemed to be countered by the manufactured perception that Big Pharma was also making effective drugs. Secondly, many in the medical industry were also increasingly aware that the line between physicians and big Pharma Representatives was being crossed and more and more physicians were becoming Big Pharma employees, while protocols sponsored by Big Pharma were dictating care more and more, HOWEVER, some still believed that the profession remained manageable. And even when healthcare was being made far too expensive (gobbling up a reported 18.3 percent of the US GDP in 2021, for example), some in the medical profession conveniently allowed themselves to believe that healthcare is inherently expensive; and after all, they were saving lives. Well, these were convenient pacifying attitudes – until they weren’t.


During the Covid era, one can infer interesting parallels to military operations. For instance, by early-to-mid 2020, it became obvious to those paying attention that the Covid “response,” while promoted as a medical initiative, was in fact a military operation. Martial law had effectively been declared approximately on the Ides of March 2020, after the Covid response (and practically speaking, control of the nation) was ceded to the National Security Council. Civil liberties – freedom of assembly, worship, the right to travel, to earn one’s living, to pursue one’s education, to obtain legal relief – were rendered null and void. In addition, top-down diktats on how to manage Covid patients were handed down to physicians from high above, and these were enforced with a militaristic rigidity unseen in doctors’ professional lifetimes. Meanwhile, the mandated protocols made no sense. They ignored fundamental tenets of both sound medical practice and medical ethics. They shamelessly lied about well-known, tried-and-true medicines that were known to be safe and appeared to work. The protocols killed people.

What was also interesting to note during that time is those physicians and other professionals who spoke out were effectively court-martialed. State medical boards, specialty certification boards, and large healthcare system employers virtually tripped over each other in the rush to delicense, decertify, and fire dissenters. Genuine, courageous physicians who actually treat patients, such as Peter McCullough, Mary Talley Bowden, Scott Jensen, Simone Gold, and others, were persecuted, while non-practicing bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci were hailed with false titles like “America’s Top Doctor.” The propaganda was as nauseating as it was blatant. And the subsequent violence was no different.


But, this reference to the covid era militarisation of medicine is not about inferring dangers that are exclusive to that period. Rather, it is because this knowledge is pivotal even now. In his farewell address, president Eisenhower, whom we referenced in the beginning of our discussion, said something else that I believe is insightful even in the present. He described that a military-industrial complex has “a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties.” In the context of the medical-industrial complex, this should inform how you perceive the WHO’s pandemic agreement, the statements that have come out from officials on the likelihood of another pandemic, and the so-called disease X.

In fact, last week, in an interview discussing the bird flu outbreak, Dr. Peter McCullough wasn’t mincing words: stating that he thought that “Bird Flu is the next disease X”. He went on to elaborate that not only is bird flu the next disease X, but also that, like with COVID, it is also a human-manipulated gain of function strain, likely coming out of the US Department of Agriculture (or the USDA’s) poultry research lab in Athens, Georgia.

But, what should also raise suspicion, at least on the bird flu itself, is that one of the biggest names in the globalist cabal is linked to this dangerous research, as the director of the USDA poultry research lab in Athens, Georgia is former Gates Foundation Director – being Mr David Swayne. And if you are wondering whether his exposure to a highly pro-vaccine organisation affects his present work, well have a listen to what he discusses as a solution to avian influenza also known as bird flu.

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