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The Sars Cov-2 virus: The medical-industrial complex’s weapon of choice

The Sars Cov-2 virus: The medical-industrial complex’s weapon of choice

The SARS CoV-2 virus served as a bioweapon, developed over a period of years, funded by US tax dollars in a joint effort between Fauci’s NIH and the Department of Defense to genetically manipulate the transmissibility and virulence of coronaviruses (all pretentiously done in the name of “Public Health,” of course). Once the bioweapon was out of the lab and into the population, the race was on within the medical-industrial complex to develop and market the supremely profitable antidote to the bioweapon. Then followed the full-on military takeover of medicine: the martial law lockdowns, the suppression of cheap and effective treatments, the persecution of dissidents, and the ceaseless propaganda and anti-science.

We know the rest, following this. More specifically, the ill-conceived, toxic, gene-therapy antidote, falsely billed as a “vaccine,” was then foisted upon the population by blackmail (as people were told that the vaccine is how the so-called pandemic would be ended). We also saw the bribery of medical authorities and politicians, as well as other Deep-State directed psyops designed to divide the population and scapegoat dissenters (“we saw this with the weaponisation of language like “anti-vaxxers” or outcries of the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”).

But, even now a significant number of all the major healthcare systems, specialty regulatory boards, specialty associations, and medical schools are standing at attention, still in lockstep with the received – and by now, clearly false – narrative. And this is because their funding, after all, be it from Big Pharma or the government, depends upon their obedience. And so, barring dramatic change, they will respond in the same fashion when orders come down from above in the future. And by the way, this is the same for nations still mandating vaccines or strongly encouraging citizens to take booster shots. Which ultimately serves as a reminder of the importance of our prayers because nations cannot free themselves, especially those who are still convinced that they are doing good in adhering to the covid agenda. It is the irony of deception that those who are deceived do not know that they are.

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