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American troops begin withdrawal from Niger

American troops begin

The process of withdrawing American troops from Niger has officially commenced. With a total of 946 soldiers stationed in various bases across Niger, the withdrawal operation has begun from key locations such as Agadez, Ouallam, and Diffa, with the destination set for Niamey.

Over the past weekend, the first steps of this withdrawal were initiated as troops began their journey back to the United States. Nearly a thousand soldiers gathered at Niamey International Airport’s squadron base, preparing for their gradual departure. This significant move comes following the signing of a withdrawal agreement between Niger and the USA on May 19, signifying a formal start to the withdrawal process. According to General Kenneth P. Ekman, the head of American troops in Niger, this marks the official start of the withdrawal of American military personnel and equipment.

Since the agreement was signed, over 269 personnel and several tons of equipment have already been repatriated. The departure of the C-17 Globemaster III from the U.S. Air Force's 101st Air Base in Niamey on June 7 signifies the beginning of a series of heavy transport rotations to repatriate personnel and equipment, in accordance with the agreement.

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