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Detained Uganda anti-pipeline activist released

Detained Uganda anti-pipeline activist released

Environmental Governance Institute says Stephen Kwikiriza in ‘poor condition’ after ‘severe beatings’ in detention.

An environmental activist affiliated with a conservation organization, striving to halt a $5 billion internationally funded oil pipeline coursing through Uganda, has been freed from detainment, as confirmed by his employer.

According to the Environmental Governance Institute (EGI), the activist was discovered abandoned along the roadside in Kyenjoyo and has since been secured to safety.

“Unfortunately, he is in poor condition after enduring severe beatings, mistreatment, and abuse throughout the week. Doctors are conducting various examinations.”

EGI is campaigning to stop the construction of the 1,445km (900-mile) East African Crude Oil Pipeline, which is to carry oil from oilfields in western Uganda to a port on Tanzania’s coast.

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