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The Manipulation of Democracy and Elections

The Manipulation of Democracy and Elections

You would have observed calls to protect democracy with distinctly undemocratic measures. For instance, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted that the 2024 election was America’s D-Day, suggesting that voters would have to fight the GOP like the Nazis in World War II.  However, Clinton previously called on Europe to censor American citizens when Twitter sought to dismantle its censorship program and she even called her defeat in the 2016 election “illegitimate.”  Yet, for many waking up to the plight of the liberal agenda, the so-called and self-proclaimed “defenders of democracy”, like Hillary Clinton, are the very threat to democracy going into the 2024 elections. Meanwhile.


Ronald Reagan often said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Today, Reagan’s words might perhaps be surpassed by the presently more concerning version, being: “I’m a Democrat and I am here to save democracy.” Now, the underlying, fear mongering claim from Democrats in presenting themselves as the defenders of democracy is that unless citizens vote for democrats, the end of democracy will begin shortly. In 2022, House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn said that “democracy will be ending” if Democrats lost the midterms. BUT, the rhetoric has continued to ramp up with the upcoming election. From President Joe Biden to a host of progressive politicians and pundits, the 2024 election is all about saving democracy. The public has been told that if the Democrats lose power, citizens will be living in a tyrannical hellscape. US Vice President Kamala Harris even stated in one interview that 2024 “genuinely could be” the last democratic election in America’s history. Dozens of Democrats have said that democracy will end if Biden is not reelected. The Washington Post even ran an op-ed titled, “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.” So, clearly, there have been concerted efforts at projecting democrats as being defenders of democracy and also a Trump administration with tyranny and an end to it. However, as we discussed yesterday, many Americans have tuned out the overheated rhetoric, as shown by Donald Trump’s continuing lead in many polls even after his conviction in Manhattan.

Kamala Harris is But here’s a simple refutation of Democrats’ claim to be the defenders of democracy. The most obvious threats today to the democratic system (which has vulnerabilities) are coming from the left, not always the right. First, for instance, Democratic secretaries of state sought to block Trump from the ballot in 2024, and Democratic members sought to bar roughly 120 colleagues from their respective ballots – which tells us that for Democrats, it appears that the greatest threat to democracy is its exercise by voters. However, thankfully, a unanimous Supreme Court rejected the theory and added that “Nothing in the Constitution requires that Americans endure such chaos.”

The second threat Democrats have posed to American democracy is seen with a push by Democrats to keep third-party candidates off ballots. Again, the last thing democracy needs is for voters to have more democratic choice. In New York, for instance, Democratic congressional candidate Paula Collins even suggested that, after the election, the focus must be on “re-education” of MAGA voters, although she acknowledged that “that sounds like a re-education camp”, and suggested that the Democrats find another way to phrase it – which of course, does not change the fact that the essence of what she was calling for is a re-education camp for Trump supporters.

Also worth noting in the Democrats war on American democracy is that Democratic operatives are using the same rationalization to call for biased reporting to help Biden get reelected. In fact, Democratic strategist James Carville this week demanded more “slanted” media coverage against Donald Trump in an effort apparently to save democracy. Carville was triggered by New York Times editor Joe Kahn suggesting that the newspaper report the news in a fair and neutral manner. However, it was particularly displeasing to hear the call for “slanted coverage” against Trump in the same week that the Hunter Biden laptop was authenticated and used as evidence in his Delaware trial. You’d recall that the government has called the widely reported claim that the laptop was “Russian disinformation” a debunked “conspiracy theory.” And so, Carville was essentially making his pitch for more biassed reporting to the very media that buried the laptop story before the last election and spent two years in denial of its authenticity. Clearly the media is paid to lie.

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