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Monkey pox Scare Dialled up in South Africa Once Again

The Health Minister, Dr. Joe Phaahla, warns of a confirmed case of monkeypox (Mpox) in Gauteng, involving a 35-year-old male. The disease, caused by the monkeypox virus (MPXV), leads to a rash, fever, and enlarged lymph nodes, with some cases turning severe. Investigations show no recent travel history, but vigilance and contact tracing are underway. Mpox outbreaks, particularly in the DRC, raise concerns due to virulent strains like clade I and a new variant, clade 1b, which exhibits heightened transmissibility.

While Mpox typically resolves within weeks and rarely requires hospitalization, isolation of cases remains crucial for prevention. The WHO advises vigilance, contact tracing, and isolation to curb transmission, with no current recommendation for mass vaccination.

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