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Paraquat is Linked to Parkinson’s. Why hasn’t the US Banned it?

Paraquat is linked to Parkinson’s.

Thousands of Americans are suing Syngenta over Paraquat, a pesticide linked to Parkinson’s – a link the company denies.

Paraquat, a deadly herbicide, has been linked to devastating health effects, including an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease among farmworkers and communities exposed to its spray. While more than 50 countries have banned paraquat due to its harmful impacts, it remains widely used in the United States, despite mounting scientific evidence of its dangers.

In 2021, Earthjustice, alongside farmworker, public health, and environmental organizations, took legal action against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for permitting the continued use of paraquat. Despite acknowledging its harmful effects on respiratory systems, kidneys, and eyes, the EPA failed to adequately address its neurological risks, which include a significant increase in Parkinson’s disease cases among users.

Lori Phillips, a 67-year-old woman from New York, has a personal connection to this issue. Growing up on a family farm exposed to paraquat, she witnessed its effects firsthand. Decades later, Phillips, along with her family members, developed Parkinson’s disease, despite not having genetic predispositions. Her story underscores the urgent need for regulatory action to protect public health.

Parkinson’s disease not only affects motor functions but also brings forth challenges such as depression, cognitive decline, and significant financial strain due to expensive medications. Phillips, like many others, relies on nonprofit organizations for financial assistance, as the costs of treatment are exorbitant and often not covered by insurance.

Earthjustice continues to advocate for the ban of paraquat, urging the EPA to prioritize public health over corporate interests. As the EPA opens a 60-day comment period, your voice matters. Join us in demanding decisive action to ban paraquat and safeguard communities from its devastating consequences.

Together, we can ensure a future where health and environmental safety are prioritized. Visit Earthjustice to learn more about how you can make a difference during this critical period.

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