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Tennessee Governor Calls For Entire Month of Prayer And Fasting

Tennessee Month of Prayer And Fasting

Tennessee Governor and Legislators Call for Statewide Prayer and Fasting Initiative

Governor Bill Lee, along with Rep. Monty Fritts and Sen. Mark Pody, has initiated a significant statewide effort in Tennessee, urging citizens to participate in 30 days of prayer and fasting starting July 1.

The resolution encourages all who are physically able and spiritually inclined to join in this period of prayer and intermittent fasting throughout July, seeking God’s grace, mercy, and blessings for Tennessee and the nation.

Citing II Chronicles 7:14, which emphasizes prayer and repentance as keys to healing the land, the legislators underscore the importance of spiritual renewal over political solutions during a critical time for the United States.

On July 1st, churches across Tennessee are invited to read the Resolution, prompting self-reflection and confession of sins as a community. The legislators urge the Church to reaffirm its commitment to God’s principles and seek forgiveness and mercy for past failures.

The initiative concludes with an invitation for all willing participants to engage in prayer and fasting, demonstrating their heartfelt desire for repentance. Rep. Fritts emphasizes that the success of this initiative hinges on the active participation of local congregations and encourages interested parties to coordinate county observances through his Nashville office.

In historical perspective, similar calls for prayer and repentance by leaders, such as during pivotal military operations like “Desert Storm,” have been linked to unexpected outcomes and miraculous interventions.

For more information on organizing county observances, interested parties are encouraged to contact Rep. Fritts’ office in Nashville.

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